We all need to look up from our benches – or desks occasionally, and get a fresh perspective. The Portland Jewelry Symposium is a just-right event for blowing out the cobwebs and bringing a few fresh ideas into our businesses. Just the right length – one day out of our busy schedules, at a just-right price. Everyone associated with the jewelry business will enjoy an outsized benefit from the modest investment in time and money needed to attend this unique event.


Alan Bell
Rio Grande

Congratulations and thank you for putting together one of the most enlightening and productive two days I have spent in my whole career! You did such a nice job with all the details and the content was priceless. It really was an honor to be a speaker at such an amazing event.


Sarah Graham
Sarah Graham Metalsmithing

I got such great feedback about last weekend. It sounds like you guys really put on a class act with the seminars. I appreciate that. It means money well spent.


Bryan Nock
CEO, Lashbrook Designs

The PJS was a really well organized day, with presentations packed with lots of great business and technical info for anyone involved in custom. Also an excellent networking opportunity, PJS encouraged attendees to really ask the questions and debate the issues that would make a difference to their own businesses.


Mark Danks

The jewelry industry in America is at the advent of a new age. With a variety of new tools available today, companies have a cost effective way to quickly deliver a custom/personalize piece of jewelry to the consumer. It was exciting to see the variety of different approaches that companies and designers are using to achieve this. I haven’t seen as much pertinent information in one place before. What a fantastic event!


Michael Buczala
CAD/CAM Manager
Perrywinkle’s, Burlington, VT

I want to thank you for a fantastic weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and came home a better jeweler. Which was the main goal of course.


Brody Rice
Brody Designs